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Primary Care Network (PCN)

Primary Care Network (PCN) exists where GP practices work together at scale in a set community, with an aim to improve the care available to all patients living there. PCNs were first introduced into the NHS structure in 2019 there will usually be 30,000-50,000+ patients covered by a PCN.  There are about 1,300 PCNs across the country. Each PCN is led by a Clinical Director.

Waddesdon Surgery is part of North Bucks PCN.

Our vision is that we will work together both as practices, and with the wider health and social care system, to deliver safe, resilient, effective, equitable, high quality care to our Patient community.

The NHS provides additional funding direct to PCNs (but NOT to the individual GP practices) to support the service and contractual requirements of a PCN and to meet, or part meet, the costs of the PCN employing specifically allowed additional staff – this does not extend to additional GPs or Nurses.  Some services, such as Care Home support or the provision of Extended/Enhanced Access (evening and weekend appointments) have or are being transferred by the NHS from a service provided by individual practices, to one provided by the PCN. Currently the following additional roles are provided through the PCN to both support our GPs with their workload and to widen the scope of services provided:

  • Clinical Pharmacist
  • Social Prescribers
  • First Contact Mental Health Nurse

The PCN is invited each year to provide a series of health interventions and/or services, which include, but not limited to:

  • Enhance Health in Care Homes – including regular reviews of care home patients;
  • Supporting Early cancer Diagnosis – promoting screening, and ensuring early referral and identification of cancer where possible;
  • Prevention and Diagnosis of Cardiovascular Disease – such as heart attacks and stroke;
  • Structure Medication Reviews for stated cohorts – ensuring all medication remains appropriate and safe

Of course it’s possible that we offer many of these options already – but by working with other practices we can protect and grow this provision in the future

For more information on Primary Care Networks – see HERE

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